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Plone Conf 2012, Arnhem, the Netherlands

In October 2012, the city of Arnhem was the center of the Plone universe for several days. Why? The Plone Conference 2012 was in town. The conference was all about talks, sprints and of course a lot of social gatherings. We claimed the most beautiful venue available, close to the city center, where we gathered with more than 250 people and we made this year's edition one to be remembered. See you next year!

Plone Conf 2012 was great!


All Plone Conf 2012 videos are online: http://www.youtube.com/user/ploneconf2012

Slides online
The talks have been presented and we are putting the slides online. Oct 15, 2012
When you are in trouble, call 911-Harro
You must have seen him for sure: mister Harro 'don't-mess-with-me' van der Greft. He is in charge of security and present during the whole conference. Oct 12, 2012
A word from the outgoing president
This morning we sat down with last year's president of the board, Matt Hamilton, later on joined by his colleagues Carol Ganz and Paul Roeland. A small interview on board related issues. Oct 12, 2012
Talking 'bout food
And now for something completely different: a small update on food with banqueting manager Marcel Opdenoordt Oct 11, 2012
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